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Marble Surface

Lizzie Crouch

Creative producer specialising in interdisciplinary projects that promote engagement with science and technology.

What is a Creative Producer?

Being a Creative Producer “is as much about an orientation to work as it is about a specific job title or category." It means you have a series of critical creative abilities that enable you to use a diverse skillset in a highly impactful way. Instead of seeing a defined outcome as a constraint, you see it as a container. A container that can be pushed, prodded, and even redefined; a space to apply creative questions and open up new possibilities.


This attitude (or orientation to work) allows me to create a shared space for multiple perspectives to be held, to facilitate common understanding among members of a team, to translate different forms of expertise, and look for unexpected connections. It allows me to manage the tension between the need to deliver an outcome, and the possibilities that open ended creativity presents.

About me 

Having gained a BA(Hons) in Physiological Sciences from Oxford University and an MSc in Science Communications from Imperial College, London, I have refined my practice and applied this approach to work across a range of large and small organisations, cultural contexts, disciplines and sectors.

Among other roles, I was the Senior Coordinator of Engagement for SensiLab, Monash University, produced art-science seasons for the Science Gallery network (MOUTHY, London and BLOOD, Melbourne), and most recently I worked as a Creative Producer for Superflux.


Outside of work sport has always played a dominant role in my life. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the England lacrosse squad for a number of years, and have recently coached and played for a Victorian lacrosse club. I can also frequently be found hiking, sea swimming and doing flying trapeze!


Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

"I was extremely impressed by Elizabeth's work over the entire project. She was highly reliable, organised and efficient and showed initiative. Her creative talent in the development and production of the film was impressive. She worked very well with a relatively large team of people, and was a pleasure to work with. The film was viewed by 1,500 people and has received glowing reports – this is all down to Elizabeth’s professionalism, hard work and creativity."

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